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Our product range includes:

  • Small polished round diamonds from 0.7mm to 4.0mm and exactly calibrated
  • Precise calibration for mechanical setting of stones
  • Diamonds from 0.30 carat with international certificates from leading global labs such as the GIA, HRD and IGI
  • Fine cut Princess and Baguette shape diamonds
  • Cut qualities from good to excellent
  • Polished white diamonds from D to J color, and clarity from IF to pique
  • Natural brown diamonds from light brown to dark brown (tlb-lb-chocolate)
  • Black diamonds
  • Color-treated diamonds in the following colors: apple-green, forest-green, olive-green, ocean-blue, sky-blue, ice-blue, canary yellow, gold, cognac and red cherry
  • All the main fancy shapes: Princess, Baguette, Heart, Marquise, Pear, Oval, Radiant, Assher-Cut, Cushion and Carré
  • Precise handling of your order from request to shipping
  • Accurate calibrating
  • Highest quality
  • Delivery within 24 hours in Germany
  • Evaluation and appraisal of diamonds
  • We use modern technology and our personnel are highly qualified gemologists certified by RJC London
  • Delivery to your designated address in Germany and worldwide
  • Packing as requested